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                  RF Switches with outstanding performance

                  Changeover switches, 2-way switches (transfer switches) or step switches with electrically controlled or manual operation execute manifold switching operations in transmitting and receiving stations for mobile communication, broadcasting, radar and satellite systems as well as medical devices.

                  SPINNER offers switches with an outstanding performance. With different drive concepts (lifting magnet, impulse solenoid, motor drive) and precision engineering, SPINNER RF switches achieve very quick switching times from 25 m/s to approximately one second, making them the fastest and most compact RF switches available on the market.

                  SPINNER 2-way switches use a hypocycloidic gear. This technology makes it possible to combine an extremely compact switch drive and a very short switching time. A sophisticated mechanical design guarantees that the auxiliary contacts (e. g. for a carrier safety loop) are actuated before opening and after closing the RF contacts. Thus, SPINNER switches reliably prevent accidental switching under load ('hot switching'). Where ultra-fast switching times are essential, such as in radar systems, electronic switches with pin diodes are used.

                  Due to the very compact dimensions and the high operational safety, SPINNER switches are preferably used in systems which must have a high level of reliability. The 2+1- and 4+1-switching units developed by Spinner provide an excellent solution to enable redundancy systems for interruption-free operation possible. With only one rack unit as 19" drawer, this compact switching system can maintain the broadcasting operations of remote stations despite the failure of a channel.

                  In addition, for sizes from 1 5/8” EIA and bellow 4 1/2” EIA, SPINNER offers a plug-in version that can be installed on patch panels where alternative operation with U-links is possible.

                  Whether designed as monostable or bi-stable version, SPINNER switches are also available with three levels for the simultaneous switching of several RF sources.

                  SPINNER switches offer the following advantages:

                  • low insertion loss and high isolation
                  • low VSWR over the whole frequency range
                  • short switching times and high reliability
                  • long service life up to 2 million switching cycles for switches with mechanical drive
                  • almost unlimited service life for switches with pin diodes


                  The maximum average power transmittable of digital signals (e.g. DAB, DVB-T, ATSC, ISDB-T,…) is rated by the RF proof voltage under inclusion of the crest factor. For multi transmitter operation with analogue or digital signals the sum of the voltages must be considered.

                  If you can’t find your switch according to your specifications online, please contact our sales team with the specification needed per email or select one of the displayed switches for a Quote Request and add your special requirements in the comment field of the form before submitting.