Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find my desired product?

If you can't find a product or product range in the Product Finder or Online Shop please contact our sales team at

Currently we haven't our complete portfolio available online yet but are constantly extending the product range in our digital channel.

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Why aren’t any prices displayed?

To see prices and availability information, please log in to the SPINNER Online Shop with your user name and password.

You may have to switch from the SPINNER Product Finder ( to the SPINNER Online Shop (

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What are the advantages and benefits of registering for the online shop?

By registering for the SPINNER Online Shop, you gain access to information on current prices and availabilities and can quickly, easily and directly order the products you need. You can also view a list of all of your past online orders (ordering history), access products that you have placed in the shopping basket, create forms to facilitate repeat orders and much more.

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How can I register for the online shop?

Go to to open an account. You will need to provide some information on your company and some personal data as well. The user who registers a company for the first time automatically has the full administration rights of his company account and can thus create additional users as subaccounts. If there are potentially more employees in your company receiving an account, please clarify internally who should manage the account as an administrator and manage the other subaccounts for the other employees.

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Can I create more than one user account?

The first user to register a company automatically receives full administrator rights and can create additional users as subaccounts. On the account administration page, there is a special function for this: “Create new user”.

Additional users receive their own user names and passwords.

Administrator rights can also be granted to other users, e.g. before the employee who has been responsible for the customer account retires.

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I can’t log in. What can I do?

Check whether you have used the right user name (it is the same as the email address you have provided) and password. If you no longer know your password, click on “Forgotten your password?” to get a new password sent to you.

If this doesn’t work, please send an email to providing sufficient information on your company and your personal account (e.g. last and first names, email and postal address etc.). We will then take steps to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

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Which payment terms apply to me?

The agreed payment terms apply to regular customers. The payment terms include the possible modes of payment as well as the number of days allowed for making them.

The payment modes we allow are advance payment and payment by invoice. For new customers and in special cases, we require advance payment.

With payment by invoice, unless otherwise agreed you have 30 days to make payment in full.

With advance payment, you can pay by wire transfer to one of our corporate euro accounts:

Unicredit Bank AG (Hypovereinsbank)
IBAN: DE95 7002 0270 0000 8003 30

Deutsche Bank
IBAN: DE21 7007 0010 0220 0418 00

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I can’t find a certain SPINNER product in the shop.

At this time only a selection of our product portfolio can be ordered online. If you can’t find a product in the Online Shop that you want to order, please write us at or contact your customer representative at SPINNER or our corporate headquarters.

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What do the prices in product lists and on detailed product pages actually refer to?

If you have logged in to the SPINNER Online Shop, you will see a price per unit based on the price lists and terms that apply to you, including all discounts and any surcharges but excluding value-added tax. Any available volume discounts are indicated on the detailed product pages.

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At what point in the ordering process are volume discounts applied?

When we offer volume discounts, the applicable unit price is calculated in the shopping basket based on the selected number of products. Separately listed quantities of the same product (e.g. with different delivery dates) are added together for calculating the discount.

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What does “price on request” mean?

For technical or commercial reasons, it may not be possible to show a price online. In these cases, please use the price request function. Simply click on the product and then complete and submit the form.

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Are there any additional costs besides the product price?

When ordering products in quantities smaller than a certain volume, there may be additional costs, e.g. for shipping.

If you choose a shipping mode or INCOTERM superior to the one defined in the delivery terms agreed with you, we reserve the right to charge you extra for it.

Any additional costs are displayed before you submit an order.

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How do I place an order for a selected product?

In the ProductFinder, you can add products to a quote request listing. Once all your desired produts are added to the list you set the quantity and delivery date for each item and provide us your business contact details. Submit the quote request and you'll get an offer within few business days per email.

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How can I see how soon SPINNER is able to supply a product?

After logging in to the online shop, you can check a product'S availability in product lists or on its dedicated page (the one with detailed information). We make a distinction depending on whether a product is available immediately ex warehouse or available at short notice. Available at short notice means that the product is in stock in another warehouse or is in the process of being produced or procured and can therefore also be supplied within a short time. It depends on the product, however.

What counts is the date by which you would like to receive a product. We can almost always meet your wish, also in the case of products that are available at short notice. You can therefore submit your order while requesting a certain delivery date, and we will confirm it along with the order. If we are unabel to make delivery by the date you have requested, we will contact you as quickly as possible.

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Where can I indicate the desired delivery date by which I would like to receive products?

You can indicate a delivery date for each item in your Online Shop order or Product Finder quote request. If you want to split a quantity of the same product into two or more quantities and receive them on different dates, simply copy that item using the corresponding icon and then adjust the individual quantities and delivery dates as appropriate.

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What happens if I order more of a product than you have in stock?

If the quantity you request exceeds what is available in our warehouse, this will be indicated in the shopping basket. In this case as well, you can submit your order while requesting delivery by a certain date. We then do our best to comply, and will confirm the requested delivery date together with the order. If we are unable to make delivery by that date despite making every possible effort, we get in touch with you as quickly as we can.

You can also copy an order item and divide it into two quantities: one that is immediately available ex warehouse and the other with the date by which you would like to receive it. We then also do our best to get the second quantity to you by your requested delivery date and confirm it together with the order.

We go out of our way to get all available products to you as quickly as possible or by a date that you have requested. This may result in two or more partial deliveries. If you wish to receive all ordered products at the same time, please indicate this in a comment when ordering.

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When will my order be dispatched?

We schedule the shipping date so that your products will arrive “just in time” on the date you have specified. If you have not indicated a date, we send them to you as quickly as possible.

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Can I pick up ordered products myself?

Customers with the shipping term “EXW” or "FCA" receive advance notice of the date on which their merchandise will be ready for pickup. All other customers can indicate when they wish to pick up their products in the blank field on the order form. In this respect, the ready-for-pickup date is equivalent to a requested delivery date.

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How and in which cases can I return articles?

If you ever receive the wrong or defective item, want an item to be repaired (after approving a cost appraisal), we will do our best to help you.

Before returning items, please download the RMA form (PDF) on the corporate website, complete it and send it by email to We will then review your request and give you an answer within an appropriate amount of time. If we approve your request, you will receive a return number.

You can then send the product back to us together with the RMA form. It is very important for you to have an RMA number to ensure optimal processing.

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Are my data transmitted securely?

All communications between your Web browser and our applications are encrypted and send via a secure connection. We also comply with all relevant legal data privacy requirements.

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Are my customer data stored, and if so is it possible for me to check them?

After you have registered, your data are stored in your customer account. You can view them whenever you like, and can also edit most of them. For security reasons, your company address can only be changed by us after receiving a written notice from you. You can change personal contact data and addresses for invoicing and shipping yourself, and also enter additional shipping addresses.

You’ll find more information in our data privacy declaration.

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