Frequently Asked Questions

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We respect your privacy. We use cookies and other technologies to offer you an optimal website experience. This includes cookies that are necessary for the operation of the site and for the control of our commercial corporate goals, as well as those that are only used for anonymous statistical purposes, for comfort settings or to display personalized content.

You can decide which services you want to allow yourself. With a new function called Consent Management you can explicitly agree to all or just the necessary services when you visit the website initially. A click on a button “Configure” opens a modal window with additional information to each service and to set and save your consent to individual services.

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The selection can be changed at any time clicking the new privacy button on the bottom left of the page and opening the dialog again.

Please note that based on your settings, not all functions of the page may be available. You can find more information in our privacy policy.

We only sell to business customers.

Customers in Germany and Europe: New customers go through a check of their commercial status and creditworthiness. Therefore, there is no direct, automated confimation of your registration. With our approval you will receive a notification by email.  If you are already a SPINNER customer, you can request activation via your SPINNER account manager personally, by email or using the registration form.
Customers outside Europe: At the current time, approval for international customers outside Europe is not yet possible. However, you are welcome to register in advance using our form. We will come back to you when all legal and technical issues have been settled.

Go to to open an account. You will need to provide some information on your company and some personal data as well. The user who registers a company for the first time automatically has the full administration rights of his company account and can thus create additional users as subaccounts. If there are potentially more employees in your company receiving an account, please clarify internally who should manage the account as an administrator and manage the other subaccounts for the other employees.

By registering for the SPINNER Online Shop, you gain access to information on current prices and availabilities and can quickly, easily and directly order the products you need. You can also view a list of all of your past online orders (ordering history), access products that you have placed in the shopping basket, create forms to facilitate repeat orders and much more.

The first user to register a company automatically receives full administrator rights and can create additional users as subaccounts. On the account administration page, there is a special function for this: “Create new user”.

Additional users receive their own user names and passwords.

Administrator rights can also be granted to other users, e.g. before the employee who has been responsible for the customer account retires.

Check whether you have used the right user name (it is the same as the email address you have provided) and password. If you no longer know your password, click on “Forgotten your password?” to get a new password sent to you.

If this doesn’t work, please send an email to providing sufficient information on your company and your personal account (e.g. last and first names, email and postal address etc.). We will then take steps to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

The payment terms include the payment options, payment methods and the payment target.

As payment options we offer payment in advance or payment on account. For new customers, we usually require payment in advance. For existing customers, the previously agreed payment terms apply. When paying on account, unless otherwise agreed, you have a net payment term of 30 days.

When paying in advance, you can currently simply and securely pay by credit card as payment method in the online shop. We accept the following card providers: MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Maestro, JCB, Diners Club International. This simplifies the payment process significantly compared to a manual bank transfer. In addition, the order can be processed immediately, resulting in shorter delivery times.

After checking the order data and clicking on the "Submit order" button, you will be redirected to the payment page for entering the credit card data. The form and transfer of the card data is encrypted and processed in accordance with legal security requirements via our partner Computop. If your card is successfully authorized, the amount will be charged to your account and the order will be triggered.

For online orders with delivery address within Germany, the Incoterm CIP applies, unless otherwise agreed.

For online orders with delivery address within Europe, DAP or alternatively CIP applies, unless otherwise agreed.

Incoterms 2020 apply.

If you can't find a product or product range in the Product Finder or Online Shop please contact our sales team at .

Currently we haven't our complete portfolio available online yet but are constantly extending the product range in our digital channel.

The customs tariff number, also known as the "commodity code", is used for the unique identification and classification of goods for customs and statistical purposes. It is virtually the barcode of your goods behind which, in addition to the exact description of the goods, information such as tariff quotas, anti-dumping regulations, customs suspensions, prohibitions and restrictions and the encryption of import VAT rates can be hidden.

The customs tariff number of our products can be found on the product page under the technical data in the section Further remarks.

If no customs tariff number is given, please contact our sales department.

To see prices and availability information, please log in to the SPINNER Online Shop with your user name and password.

You may have to switch from the SPINNER Product Finder ( to the SPINNER Online Shop (

For technical or commercial reasons, it may not be possible to show a price online. In these cases, please use the price request function. Simply click on the product and then complete and submit the form.

If you have logged in to the SPINNER Online Shop, you will see a price per unit based on the price lists and terms that apply to you, including all discounts and any surcharges but excluding value-added tax. Any available volume discounts are indicated on the detailed product pages.

When we offer volume discounts, the applicable unit price is calculated in the shopping basket based on the selected number of products. Separately listed quantities of the same product (e.g. with different delivery dates) are added together for calculating the discount.

For orders below certain order value limits per shipping address, additional costs may be applied, e.g. a shipping flat fee. Additional costs will be shown prominently to you before you submit the order.

In the ProductFinder, you can add products to a quote request listing. Once all your desired produts are added to the list you set the quantity and delivery date for each item and provide us your business contact details. Submit the quote request and you'll get an offer within few business days per email.

After logging in to the online shop, you can check a product'S availability in product lists or on its dedicated page (the one with detailed information). We make a distinction depending on whether a product is available immediately ex warehouse or available at short notice. Available at short notice means that the product is in stock in another warehouse or is in the process of being produced or procured and can therefore also be supplied within a short time. It depends on the product, however.

What counts is the date by which you would like to receive a product. We can almost always meet your wish, also in the case of products that are available at short notice. You can therefore submit your order while requesting a certain delivery date, and we will confirm it along with the order. If we are unabel to make delivery by the date you have requested, we will contact you as quickly as possible.

You can indicate a delivery date for each item in your Online Shop order or Product Finder quote request. If you want to split a quantity of the same product into two or more quantities and receive them on different dates, simply copy that item using the corresponding icon and then adjust the individual quantities and delivery dates as appropriate.

If the quantity you request exceeds what is available in our warehouse, this will be indicated in the shopping basket. In this case as well, you can submit your order while requesting delivery by a certain date. We then do our best to comply, and will confirm the requested delivery date together with the order. If we are unable to make delivery by that date despite making every possible effort, we get in touch with you as quickly as we can.

You can also copy an order item and divide it into two quantities: one that is immediately available ex warehouse and the other with the date by which you would like to receive it. We then also do our best to get the second quantity to you by your requested delivery date and confirm it together with the order.

We go out of our way to get all available products to you as quickly as possible or by a date that you have requested. This may result in two or more partial deliveries. If you wish to receive all ordered products at the same time, please indicate this in a comment when ordering.

In general, the General Terms and Conditions of Delivery (GTC) for sales, deliveries and services of SPINNER GmbH apply, e.g. paragraphs 3 and 8. 
In order to change or cancel an online order before receiving the order confirmation, we recommend to call your SPINNER account manager immediately before contacting us in text form. Alternatively, you can also call our headquarters at +49 89 12601-0.

Please note that available goods leave our warehouse within a very short time after confirmation of the order and shipping is organized. Therefore, a change / cancellation is not always possible at this stage.

Different shipping adresses can be added in the order process or in advance in your customer account management area and then assigned in the order to the line item(s). Recipients can also be assigned per each order item.

Please note: at the current time, deliveries are only possible to delivery addresses in the country of your own company headquarters.

We schedule the shipping date so that your products will arrive “just in time” on the date you have specified. If you have not indicated a date, we send them to you as quickly as possible.

Generally a partial delivery is possible at our discretion. If you generally do not want a partial delivery, please contact your SPINNER account manager.

If you do not want a partial delivery in the individual case of an order, you can note this in the "Message to the merchant" field in the checkout process.

Customers with the shipping term “EXW” or "FCA" receive advance notice of the date on which their merchandise will be ready for pickup. All other customers can indicate when they wish to pick up their products in the blank field on the order form. In this respect, the ready-for-pickup date is equivalent to a requested delivery date.

If you received wrong goods, want to complain about a defect, need a repair (with cost estimate) or want a retuning, we would like to help you quickly and easily.

Please fill out a return merchandise application form on our website and submit us the data. Alternatively, you can download the return merchandise application as a PDF and send it, filled out, by email to .

We will then evaluate your request and you will receive an answer within a reasonable period. In the event of a merchandise return to us, you will get a return number (RMA number).

You can send the product back to us together with the RMA note. Only with a RMA number a prompt processing is guaranteed.

All communications between your Web browser and our applications are encrypted and send via a secure connection. We also comply with all relevant legal data privacy requirements.

After you have registered, your data are stored in your customer account. You can view them whenever you like, and can also edit most of them. For security reasons, your company address can only be changed by us after receiving a written notice from you. You can change personal contact data and addresses for invoicing and shipping yourself, and also enter additional shipping addresses.

You’ll find more information in our data privacy declaration.

All online shop customers are regularly notified by email about functional changes and innovations in the shop itself, new products and upcoming maintenance work periods.
Of course, you can unsubscribe from the online shop notifications at any time.