SPINNER offers value for a broad variety of applications in aviation

In aviation, there is a growing need for reliable and high-performance communication and data transmission with a long lifetime and reduced efforts for maintenance. SPINNER is a leading manufacturer of premium radio frequency components for signal distribution and transmission and delivers such value for various use cases in civil aeronautics. Below you’ll find a list of typical applications however it is not comprehensive. Please contact our sales for your customized solution.

  • Satellite Communication: Satellite communication for aviation includes communication between stationary earth stations and aircraft or directly between aircrafts via satellites for the transmission of radio, telephony or data. Applications supported by mobile satellite radio systems include broadband Internet access, telephony or data transmission for airplanes in civil aviation.
  • Radar: Air traffic control (ATC) radar systems use radio waves to detect aircraft and to determine the range, angle, or velocity in. They are the backbone of global civil aviation and have to work around the clock, 365 days a year. ATC radar uses the frequency range of S- and L-band, the primary ("PSR – Primary Surveillance Radar") and secondary ("SSR – Secondary Surveillance Radar") surveillance radar frequencies.
  • Weather radar: A weather radar for aviation makes use of the reflection and scattering properties of precipitation. It can thus cover areas with rain, snow and also hail.
  • Anechoic Chambers: Radio frequency testing of devices for radar or SatCom in an aeroplane in the open-air environment is influenced by a large number of disturbing and unwanted signals in the atmosphere such as other radar sources, cell phones, broadcast and many other radio frequency emissions. This effect can cause misleading test results. The best solution is to put these devices in isolated rooms, shielded boxes or special RF test chambers with low-reflection surfaces, so-called anechoic chambers. Anechoic chambers are common for test scenarios of antennas and components for radar and SatCom applications in aviation.
  • mmWave Measurement: Up-to-date measurement equipment is essential for all development and testing lab environments, production and quality control departments that deal with RF signals on coaxial lines. Particularly for vector network analyzers (VNA), high-precision connectors, terminations and adapters are a must. SPINNER offers precision RF components for millimeter wave measurement accompanying the technical evolution. SPINNER has developed new millimeter-wave-to-coaxial products for the V, E and W bands (50 GHz – 110 GHz) fulfilling extremely high standards

Many well-known manufacturers rely on rotary joints and passive components from SPINNER

To support such applications, resistance to extreme environmental conditions and longevity, broadband capacity and faster and error-free data rates are essential. Above all for moving aircrafts there is almost no way of doing it without rotary joints. When it comes to solutions for satellite communication for aeronautics, many well-known manufacturers rely on rotary joints and passive components from SPINNER for transmission by means of high-frequency signals, light waves or other technologies.

In addition, any combination of transmission technologies can be combined: high power, data, fibre optic, fast Ethernet and RF signals.

If you can’t find the right solution for your specific requirements among the products presented online, please contact our sales department by email.