SPINNER offers value for a broad variety of applications in many industries

There is a growing need for reliable and high-performance communication and data transmission with a long lifetime and reduced efforts for maintenance. SPINNER is a leading manufacturer of premium radio frequency components for signal distribution and transmission and delivers such value for various use cases in many industries. Below you’ll find a list of typical applications however it is not comprehensive. Please contact our sales for your customized solution.

  • Mobile Communication: SPINNER supplies the whole range of passive RF components required between a base station and an antenna for common telecommunication networks for outdoor mobile site installation, in-building distributed antenna system (DAS) networks, in-tunnel installation and for inline testing automation.
  • Broadcast: SPINNER provides more than 50 years of experience in developing and building complex broadcast systems that work between the transmitter and the antenna – FM, DAB, or DTV. Our portfolio comprises standard components, customized or even individually engineered broadcast systems and consulting services.
  • Satellite Communication: SPINNER rotary joints play an important part in the communication between satellites and earth stations - or even a moving means of transport like a ship, an aircraft, a spacecraft or a broadcast van.
  • Radar: For civil air traffic control, navy, sea rescue, weather or defence, SPINNER offers custom-designed rotary joints for transmitting high power or data, e.g. via fast Ethernet or RF signals.
  • Machine building: In machine engineering and automation for most industries there is a growing need for faster, more accurate data and power transmission via rotary joints. SPINNER develops highly innovative solutions for applications like bottling lines, fill level management, roller mills, cable braiding, robotics, the medical industry (MRT) or wind power turbines.
  • Professional Mobile Radio: Communication services within and between organizations like police forces, fire departments, disaster and emergency management teams are essential to save lives. SPINNER provides you highly reliable and performing passive network components for the communication of these teams, especially when they go into action.
  • Deep Sea & Offshore: You can count on getting the intelligent, innovative solutions you need for remotely operated vehicles, winches of all kinds, camera systems across the board or large and small drilling systems. SPINNER supplies both off-the-shelf and customized combinations of fiber-optic and RF rotary joints.
  • Event & Show equipment: If you require 4K / 8K video transmission over 360° or high-performance transmission of multiple phased signals, in which A/D conversion errors would be unacceptable, SPINNER offers you individual rotary joint solutions e.g. for cable-suspended camera systems I stadiums or for revolving stages in theatres, event locations, ocean liners.