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In order to be able to compare the technical properties of products clearly and easily, we offer a separate page for product comparison (see image below).

  • You can add products to a comparison at many places on the website using the "Compare" link, e.g. in product lists, product tiles or product detail pages.
  • The number of products already selected for the comparison is then shown in the gray circle at the top right of the page at the menu item "Compare" (display on small screen sizes is only possible via an icon in the navigation and a blue dot).
  • Use this link or the icon in the top menu to access the product comparison page. The products are listed there horizontally. The comparable characteristics are listed in the vertical direction.
  • Depending on the size of the screen, different numbers of products are displayed. Products that are not shown can be displayed by scrolling horizontally.
  • You can remove individual products as well as all of them from the comparison at the same time.

Screenshot compare page

The product lists on the category pages, e.g. , can be displayed in two views: tile view and list view.

  • The list view usually shows additional relevant technical information compared to the tile view with a larger image.
  • The tile view is set by default. The different display can be selected by clicking on the functional elements representing the view type in the right area in the white header above the product lists.

Screenshot of tile view and list view

A product search is integrated in the menu of the website, with which you can quickly and easily find your desired product.

After entering the first three characters, a list of suggestions based on your input can be displayed. Clicking on an entry in this list takes you directly to the proposed category or product detail page.

After clicking on the search button (with the magnifying glass), a search result list is displayed. A search always has a certain fuzziness and the sorting depends on many factors. The most relevant hits are shown at the beginning.

To the left of the results are the categories in which the search entries are contained. By clicking the boxes, the category tree can be expanded or reduced to further filter the search result. Depending on the result, further filter options based on product features are then offered, e.g. connector size, frequency band, length, etc.

Product search and filter result list

By mastering search operators, you can significantly enhance your search experience, obtaining more accurate and relevant results. Whether refining searches with wildcards, specifying required or excluded terms, or combining conditions with logical operators, the search engine’s versatility empowers users to navigate and extract valuable information from large datasets efficiently.

  • Our website supports wildcard operators to enhance search flexibility. The asterisk (*) represents multiple characters, and the question mark (?) represents a single character. For example, searching for "run*" could return results like "run," "running," or "runner." Similarly, searching for "sm?th" might yield results such as "smith" or "smyth." The benefit of wildcard operators is the ability to broaden or narrow searches based on partial matches, offering users more comprehensive and precise results.
  • The phrase search operator, represented by double quotation marks (" "), allows you to search for exact phrases rather than individual terms. When you enclose a set of words within quotation marks, the search engine will retrieve results containing that exact phrase, preserving the order of the words. For instance, searching for "data science" will yield results where these two words appear together in the specified sequence. This operator is particularly useful when users want to find information that is contextually specific or when searching for titles, names, or any other sequence-dependent content.
    Without the quotation marks, the search engine would treat each word separately, potentially returning results that include the words "data" and "science" but not necessarily in proximity to each other. The benefit of using the phrase search operator is improved precision, ensuring that search results closely match the intended meaning. It's a powerful tool for users who require exact matches and helps in refining searches to obtain more relevant and contextually accurate information.
  • The plus (+) and minus (-) operators influence search results by indicating whether a term is required (plus) or excluded (minus). For instance, searching for "apple +fruit" ensures that the term "fruit" must be present in the results, emphasizing the importance of the specified term. Conversely, "apple -pie" excludes results containing the term "pie." These operators provide users with the means to refine searches, focusing on specific aspects while excluding irrelevant information.
  • Logical operators are used to combine multiple search criteria. The double ampersand (&&) functions as the AND operator, requiring both conditions to be met. For example, "apple && fruit" retrieves results containing both "apple" and "fruit." On the other hand, the double pipe (||) represents the OR operator, broadening the search to include results matching either condition. "apple || pear" retrieves documents containing either "apple" or "pear." These logical operators enhance search precision and flexibility by allowing users to create complex queries tailored to their specific needs.

In order to make the selection of the relevant set of a large number of products as easy and quick as possible, we have arranged the attribute filters relevant for these products in the left-hand column.

After selecting a filter on the left side, the corresponding value is now displayed prominently above the product list, too. The filter can be deactivated by clicking on the white cross again at this point. In addition, the function for deactivating all activated filters is also available there.

Selected filter above product lists

Technically identical jumper cables, which differ only in length, are now grouped together and displayed by just one entry in the shop categories. This makes the lists shorter and the distinction based on technical parameters gets more weight.

With a selection picklist "Length", you can now directly select the desired length and thus quickly display the associated technical information, availability and price.

Screenshot improved selection of cable variaints

If you want to receive a quote for your desired products from SPINNER in a simple way, then send us a quote request via the Product Finder.

  • You can add a product as a new position to the quote at many points on the website using the "Quote Request" button, e.g. in product lists, product tiles or product detail pages.
  • You can add multiple products to a single request, just as you would for an order's shopping cart.
  • The number of products already selected for the request is then displayed on the far right in the main menu of the website at the "Quote Request" icon in the blue circle (display on small screen sizes is only possible via an icon in the navigation and a blue dot).
  • Use this icon in the menu to call up the quote request form. All products are listed there.
  • You can enter the desired quantity, a desired delivery date, your company details and further information. You can add more products or remove them from the request at any time.
  • By clicking on the "Submit quote request" button, you send the request to SPINNER and receive a copy of the request as an email. We will then answer your request as soon as possible. Please note that we only sell to commercial customers.

Screenshot add products to quote requests

As a new customer you can easily register in our shop by filling in and sending us the necessary information about the company and your contact person online. We will then check your data, e.g. for commercial status, creditworthyness, and approve you shortly. After approval you will receive a confirmation by e-mail and can log in for the first time.

For existing customers, the process is even shorter and more convenient: Just send us the responsible contact person who will be administrator for your entire company for the shop account by e-mail (with company name, title, first name, name and e-mail address as username, for order confirmations, etc.). You will then just receive in reply an e-mail from us with a confirmation link, which you can click within 24 hours to set your password and then log in.

The user who registers a company for the first time automatically has the full administration rights of his company account and can thus create additional users as sub-accounts. If potentially several employees of your company are given an account, please clarify internally who is to manage the account as administrator and who is to manage the other sub-accounts for the other employees.

Register for the online shop

For experienced users who know exactly which products you want to order, quick ordering can save time in the checkout process.

After logging into the online shop, the "Quick order" link is displayed in the top right-hand menu. After clicking on the link, the page for a quick order is displayed.

  • You can now add the individual line items to the shopping cart by entering the SPINNER BN and quantity.
  • Upload a CSV file to place an order via file, e.g. with a larger list of items or from an export from your ERP or purchasing system. Please use the format described below per line for this file: <BN>, <Quantity>, for example
    (no thousands delimiter for quantity)

By clicking on the "Add to shopping cart" button, the products are added to the shopping cart and then displayed. Should errors occur, e.g. that no product was found for a BN entered, a corresponding message is displayed.

Quick order

You can enter a reference ID from your own inventory management or book keeping e.g. your own internal part, product or article number or any other identifier.

In each line item in the shopping cart you can click on the link on the dots behind the label Product reference ID.

This ID will transferred from the order template item to the shopping cart and appears on the order confirmation and invoice. This indicator is permanently saved in our system after the first entry beyond this order. For future orders, it will be shown again on the order confirmation and invoice.

You therefore do not need to re-enter the product reference for every order. The display of the ID in the shop at your next session is unfortunately not yet possible.

Assign your internal product reference ID

Often, our customers require a document as 'quote/offer' before they submit the order e.g. for internal documentation or their procurement workflow. If this applies to you, we made it now much easier to get such a document.

We have implemented a print function that can be easily triggered via a button (link) located at the top right of the shopping basket. When you click on this link, a well-formatted PDF file is created and downloaded to your browser. You can then rename or move this file as required.


Print cart as quote

The user who first registers a company automatically has the full administrative rights of his company account and can thus create additional users as sub-accounts.

  1. Sign in as usual with your login details. To allow you to create another user, you can use the “Users” function in the account overview area.
  2. With the “Add User” function, you can open the corresponding form to create your new user. Additional users have their own username and password.
  3. Fill in the required fields and assign the role to be given to new user. Make sure that the given e-mail address will be the same as the login name. With the “Create User” function, the sub-account is deposited with your company account and the user is added.
  4. Your additional user will shortly receive a confirmation e-mail for successful registration.

Screenshot how to create a new user

Screenshot how to create a new user

Customers who order with advance payment hcan choose whether to pay by credit card or initiate a SEPA bank transfer from your account via our partner KLARNA/Sofort GmbH.

  1. Log in as usual with your access data.
  2. Put products in your shopping cart
  3. Start the checkout process
  4. Select KLARNA Sofort as payment method.
  5. Submit the order
  6. You will now be guided through the payment dialogue of KLARNA/Sofort.
  7. You select your bank.
  8. You enter your bank account number and online login password
  9. Select your authorisation method (App-, SMS-TAN or similar)
  10. Optionally select your bank account
  11. You authorise the transfer of the payment amount to the SPINNER GmbH account using an App or TAN procedure.
  12. After successful payment, the order is transmitted to SPINNER and the order confirmation is displayed to you.


  • You can only select an account from the country of your company headquarters.
  • Bank transfer only in EUR.
  • Your account or your bank must be able to carry out SEPA transfers.
  • You must have activated an online login for your bank account.
The selection of the bank transfer is currently possible in the following countries:
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Poland
  • Great Britain