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                          Passive intermodulation

                            Combining units for splitting or combining rf signals

                            Frequency combining units are used to isolate two or more channels on different frequencies, thus allowing the common use of one antenna feeder cable or one antenna by several transmitters or receivers. For this purpose, the transmitted and received signals of mobile communication base stations are separated and the corresponding signals are combined via band pass filters and star points. All combiners work in bi-directional mode and can therefore be used to combine and split the transmitted and received signals.

                            SPINNER develops and manufactures innovative diplexers, triplexers and quadruplexers for all mobile communication applications currently in use. Our combiners are available for frequency bands in the range from 0 to 2690 MHz and tuneable on bandwidths of 4 to 20 MHz, making our diplexer and triplexer families ideal for the common utilization of antenna equipment by several mobile communication systems. Besides solutions for LTE700 (digital dividend), GSM900, GSM1800, PCS1900, UMTS2170 and LTE2.6, SPINNER also offers diplexers for analogue radio, TETRA, DVB-H, DMB, WLAN and WiMAX.

                            Very low insertion loss, excellent signal isolation and superior intermodulation properties prevent mutual interference between adjacent systems. All diplexers, triplexers and quadruplexers are suited for indoor and outdoor installation.

                            AISG/3GPP-compatible DC connections allow the transfer of control signals to the antenna as well as the power supply for antenna pre-amplifiers.

                            SPINNER presents its customers the new generation of compact design multiplexers. The significant reduction of weight and volume leads to a lower mast loading. Thanks to its new structure, it can be optimally integrated into the 19" rack. All multiplexer in compact design have the same grid dimensions and are therefore ideal for stacking up to triple units. Only one mast mounting bracket is required for outdoor installation.

                            If you can’t find your combining unit according to your specifications online, please contact our sales team with the specification needed per email or select one of the displayed rf combiners for a Quote Request and add your special requirements in the comment field of the form before submitting.