Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA)

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              RF components for TETRA Professional Mobile Radio

              There is a growing need for reliable and high-performance communication and data transmission with a long lifetime and reduced efforts for maintenance. SPINNER is a leading manufacturer of premium radio frequency components for signal distribution and transmission:

              • Band-Pass Filters
              • Low-Pass Filters
              • Multiband Combiners
              • Multiband Combining Systems
              • Symmetric Splitters
              • Asymmetric Splitters (Tappers)
              • Directional Couplers
              • Antennas
              • Surge Protectors
              • DC Breaks

              Communication services within and between organizations like police forces, fire departments, disaster and emergency management teams are essential to save lives. SPINNER provides you highly reliable and performing passive network components for the communication of these teams, especially when they go into action.

              Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) networks are subject to the laws and regulations of individual countries and can therefore be implemented in different ways. Some networks are completely separated from commercial mobile telecommunication networks, while in other cases the two types are combined.

              Especially in the case of in-building networks, it’s particularly important to use high quality components, because issues like passive intermodulation can cause considerable problems in voice and data communications.  With our high-performance components TETRA services can be delivered together with other mobile communication services via the same Distributed Antenna System (DAS). For ensuring highly reliable operation all SPINNER combining solutions are passive, which eliminate most potential sources of errors.