Sealing Compound Plast2000 20 ccm


Plast2000 sealants protecting your coaxial cable assemblies

SPINNER’s sealing compound Sealing Compound Plast2000 20 ccm guarantees a perfect sealing function and corrosion protection between connector and cable. It ensures a positive connection between the clamping sleeve of the connector and the corrugated tube outer conductor of the cable. Therefore, our sealant offers an optimal corrosion protection of the outer conductor contact point between cable and connector as often required for installations on mobile sites. The absolute flawless sealing of connectors to the cable prevents influences by any unevenness in the welding seam of the cable outer conductor or by longitudinal grooves in the cable sheath.

Furthermore, the paste features a special bonding system which protects the copper from corrosion and prevents the deformation of the corrugated tube outer conductor of the cable by unallowable compression of rubber forms. Additionally, the Sealing Compound Plast2000 20 ccm relieves mechanical stress in the contact point of the outer cable conductor and connector, which is most important for the RF-technology. Any forces affecting the cable are distributed along the whole length of the clamping sleeve up to the contact point. The product contains 20.0 cm³ sealant.

The use of SPINNER sealants helps you to reduce costs significantly by protecting your RF components and keeps maintenance costs low due to its high life expectancy at the same time.

The 20 cm³ tube can be screwed into a threaded hole in the cable clamp.

Mechanical characteristics

(unlimited, after 5 years a test of the usage properties is recommended)
20.0 cm³
Hardening time:
14 days for approx. 10 mm
Filling quantity per connector:
cable type per connector
LF 1/2"-50 4 cm³
LF 5/8"-50 6 cm³
LF 7/8"-50 7 cm³
LF 1 1/4"-50 15 cm³
LF 1 5/8"-50 20 cm³
LF 2 1/4"-50 28 cm³
HCA 58-50 5 cm³
HCA 78-50 5 cm³
HCA 118-50 10 cm³
HCA 158-50 20 cm³
HCA 295-50 50 cm³
HCA 400-50 70 cm³
HCA 495-50 120 cm³
HCA 550-50 250 cm³
HCA 618-50 300 cm³
Weight, approx.:
45.0 g

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature:
-40 to + 85 °C
Temperature resistance:
-60 to +180 °C
Storage ambient temperature:
+5 to +25 °C

Scope of delivery & accessories

Delivery scope:
tube, tube squeezer, box (32 x 21 x 130 mm)

Further remarks

Please note that the Plast2000 sealant is only sold in combination with matching connectors within the same order. Otherwise we cannot confirm this line item of the order.
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Product data sheet – 151671 – 151671-DS.pdf


Safety data sheet – 151671 – SPINNER Plast 2000 - deutsch – SPINNER_Plast_2000_DE.pdf


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Safety data sheet – 151671 – SPINNER Plast 2000 - français – SPINNER_Plast_2000_FR.pdf


Safety data sheet – 151671 – SPINNER Plast 2000 acc. to 1907/2006/EC, Article 31 - english - GB – SPINNER_Plast_2000_GB.pdf


Safety data sheet – 151671 – SPINNER Plast 2000 - italiano – SPINNER_Plast_2000_IT.pdf


Safety data sheet – 151671 – SPINNER Plast 2000 - acc. to OSHA HCS - english - US – SPINNER_Plast_2000_USA.pdf