Protection cap for N female UHF with chain


Protection cap for N female UHF with chain provides mechanical protection and thus secures optimum radio-frequency transmission performance

Your entire high-frequency connection is only as good as its individual connecting elements. RF ports are critical elements in this respect, because they can be damaged quickly, e.g. by impacts during transport, installation or by weather influences such as water and dust. This results in a poorer quality of the RF connection and a shortened life expectancy of the damaged ports. If you also have (temporarily) open ports or often open and close RF connections, you can protect your connections with the Protection cap for N female UHF with chain.

All our protective caps have an internal or external thread and correspond to the degree of protection IP 68, which means that they are absolutely dustproof and waterproof. The use of the Protection cap for N female UHF with chain thus significantly reduces costs by effectively protecting your RF components while ensuring a constant quality of the RF connection. Our robust protective cap is made of the following material: copper-alloy / bright nickel-plated.

The protective cap is supplied with a fastening chain to prevent loss.

The N-coaxial connectors were named after their inventor Paul Neill, who developed this standard for RF connectors in 1942. Often, however, the name also relates to the Navy Connector. Type N connectors can be used at frequencies up to 11 GHz, high-precision types up to 18 GHz. It is typically used in mobile communication applications with demanding mechanical and electrical requirements. SPINNER exclusively manufactures connectors with non-slotted outer conductor contacts and a special sealing profile in the connector head instead of the flat seal disk, specified by IEC or CECC. This ensures the most reliable sealing function.

UHF connectors can be found not only in amateur radio but also in 4 m BOS radio. The UHF connector is prone to loosening due to vibration, but it is simple, robust and easy to handle.

The Protection cap for N female UHF with chain is suitable for connections such as those used in mobile radio for antenna base stations and in-building distributed antenna systems. In addition, there are further applications in broadcasting, or especially in test laboratories and measurement environments. SPINNER applies extremely high standards with regard to quality, engineering, materials, and manufacturing. This enables us to offer protective components with the best possible performance while ensuring optimized installation and failure-free operation, under even the harshest conditions.

RF characteristics

Number of interfaces:

Mechanical characteristics

Suitable for interface:
UHF female, N female
Surface Coating:
bright nickel-plated
Degree of protection:
IP 68
Degree of protection remark:
Weight, approx.:
15.0 g

Further remarks

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Product data sheet – 296300 – 296300-DS.pdf