Interference absorber for 218 mm antennas


SPINNER Interference Absorbers Offer Protection Against Annoying Signal Reflections

SPINNER offers protection against annoying signal reflections for its omni-chip antennas. In terms of RF technology, this interference absorber is an attenuator between the mounting surface and the antenna, which absorbs the interference that is reflected by metallic objects in the vicinity of the antenna. The SPINNER company cannot override the laws of physics either, which is why the installation of omni-chip antennas on metallic surfaces or in the vicinity of metal structures is not recommended. But if the individual local conditions require such an installation, then the SPINNER interference absorber is the right solution.

The use of the precisely fitting and well-formed Interference absorber for 218 mm antennas mainly improves the VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) behavior of the installed Omni Chip antenna to the effect that the specified values as stated in the data sheet are achieved again despite the metallic environment. The simple and quick installation on the ceiling takes place before the actual antenna installation with the help of the enclosed mounting material (3 screws and 3 dowels).This Interference absorber for 218 mm antennas is only suitable for the omni chip antennas with 218 mm diameter A77142 and A77142C0001.

Mechanical characteristics

ABS (radon)
PVC (bottom cover)
carbon dust (absorber)
white (RAL9003)
IP protection level:
IP 54
IP protection level remark:
RoHS compliance:
Fire load:
2.71 kWh
Weight, approx.:
320.0 g
29.5 mm
220 mm

Further remarks

Customs tariff number:



Product data sheet – A77697 – 10012435-DS.pdf


Product manual – A77697 – Use_case_for_interference_absorber_for_antennas.pdf


Installation instructions – A77697 – M36590.pdf