Pending Orders


B2B customer organizations can use the order approval functionality to review orders before they are sent to merchants. The order approval includes two checks:

(1) Cost Center Approval
If an order is assigned to a cost center, it must first be approved by the cost center manager, before being routed to the user-specific order approval.

(2) User-Specific Order Approval
If there is a budget or an order spend limit defined for a user, the order must pass the user-specific order approval.

If there is neither a cost center nor a user budget/order spend limit involved, no order approval takes place.


If you are assigned to at least one cost center, every order you place must be assigned to a cost center. Each order has to be approved by the according cost center manager first.

If there is an individual user budget or an order spend limit defined for you, your order must, in addition, pass the user-specific order approval. To this end, the system sends an e-mail to all approvers, prompting them to approve the order.

Once your order is approved by all involved roles, it is finally submitted to the merchant.

You can see your orders and their statuses (pending, approved, rejected) in the My Account area. For rejected orders, cost center managers or approvers usually give a reason.