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Flaring die for Heliflex cable HCA 495-50


Flaring tools for mounting connectors on coaxial cables

SPINNER has developed flaring tools fort installing connectors to air-dielectric corrugated copper tube cables. During flaring, the end of the outer conductor of the corrugated cable is flared and thereby connected to the connector back end. With the Flaring die for Heliflex cable HCA 495-50 you achieve an optimum RF contact between the coaxial cable and the connector. The basic tools can be used for cable sizes ranging from 1 1/8” to 6 1/8” and rigid lines 52-120 by using additional inserts dies In addition, we offer dial gauges with probes that are adapted to the respective connector type for checking the mating face dimensions of connectors.

With our SPINNER inserts for different cable types the flaring tool can be quipped optimally. The SPINNER Flaring die for Heliflex cable HCA 495-50 can be used with the compatible cable type Air dielectric 5". The suitable cable type is HCA 495-50 (HCA 418-50).

Mechanical characteristics

Suitable cable:
Air dielectric 5
Cable manufacturer types:
HCA 495-50 (HCA 418-50)

Further remarks

SPINNER supplies flaring tools for large air dielectric cables and 52-120 rigid line to ensure optimal RF contact.
They can be equipped with inserts for different cable types.
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Product data sheet – 511443 – CB-L-206-DS.pdf