75 Ohm RF Type N Precision Portfolio Permits RF Measurements up to 18 and 20 GHz

Communications applications involving the N 75 Ohm interface operate at high frequencies up to 18 and 20 GHz. This has created the need for precise, reliable test equipment for calibration and connection to available 50 Ohm vector network analyzers (VNA).

SPINNER 75 Ohm test adapters with Type N connectors are available in different versions. They are supplied individually, in a practical case featuring customized calibration coefficients, or as a compact calibration tool with global coefficients. All of them boast outstanding accuracy and optimal electrical properties.

  • Calibration kits offered in a case include open circuits (open), short circuits (short), fixed loads (load) and thru adapters (thru)
  • Compact OSLT calibration kits (4-in-1) in a single handy tool with an ergonomic arrangement of the connectors, small sized and low weight
  • Precision adapters N 75 Ω to N 50 Ω (DC-18 GHz) / N 75 Ω to 3,5 mm 50 Ω (DC-20 GHz). For applications in harsh environments, SPINNER is also getting ready to expand its adapter family for reliable connection to a VNA with 3.5 mm NMD (Network Measurement Devision). This will make it child’s play to set up a 75 Ohm test topology from the DUT to the vector network analyzer (VNA) e.g. at construction sites.

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