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50 kW SmartLoad DC-790 MHz 187-264 V 6 1/8" EIA with remote heat exchanger

Not available This product is discontinued.

SPINNER loads offer outstanding electrical and mechanical properties

The modular SPINNER system for loads offers you great flexibility in the selection of your components. It allows you to configure power, frequency range and connectors according to your individual requirements. The advantages are obvious: cost savings through standardization and reliable technical quality.

The 50 kW SmartLoad DC-790 MHz 187-264 V 6 1/8" EIA with remote heat exchanger is placed to the end of the signal path and thus guarantees the correct impedance termination. This reduces disturbing reflections and ensures the maximum performance and quality of the overall system. You can individually combine your attenuator and adapt it to the requirements of your local installation.

The 50 kW SmartLoad DC-790 MHz 187-264 V 6 1/8" EIA with remote heat exchanger ensures optimum protection for your highly sensitive signal transmission between transmitter and antenna on broadcast sites.

Outstanding RF characteristics, best possible passive intermodulation and VSWR

The load enables you to transmit high-frequency signals reliably and flawlessly with optimum protection of your sensitive equipment in a power range up to 50 kW.

The load offers an interface 6 1/8" EIA.

SPINNER loads can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Only in a few cases a certain orientation is required for a product and therefore explicitly stated in our product data sheets.

We use liquid cooling for higher power levels. A mixture is used as the coolant which guarantees frost and corrosion protection. From 10 kW we also offer recooling units and safety devices such as Carrier safety loops or temperature monitoring.

The protection class is IP 20.

Coaxial flange connectors, generally known as “EIA flanges”, are connected by a coupling element. The flange connector system complies with international standards EIA STD RS-225, 339 IEC, DIN EN 122150 and MIL-F 24044. The EIA flange connectors are excellently qualified suited for pressurized systems and for outdoor installations. 6 1/8" EIA connectors are used to link two elements of a rigid or semi-rigid high performance coaxial transmission line for radio frequency signals. Typically, these are operated in systems for very high power transmission (from kW to MW), e.g. in DAB, DVB or FM broadcast systems or in high-energy applications in research facilities (particle accelerator, plasmatron).

RF characteristics

Number of interfaces:
Interface type:
6 1/8" EIA (50 Ω) per IEC 60339-2
Interface type remark:
facing upwards
Interface direction:
Frequency range:
DC to 790 MHz
Average power rating:
50 kW
Proof voltage rating:
17 kV
VSWR, max.:
1.04 @ DC to 108 MHz
1.04 @ 108 to 470 MHz
1.04 @ 470 to 790 MHz
1.08 @ DC to 790 MHz

Electrical characteristics

Mains connection:
male power socket, according to IEC 60320-1 (C20)
Mains voltage:
187 to 264 V
Mains AC frequency:
50 to 60 Hz
Mains connection system:
L, N, PE
Mains nominal current, approx.:
15.5 A
Power consumption, approx.:
50 W (standby), 3.1 kW (full operation)
Operating modes:
Standby and RF power approx. 80 W: natural cooling without pump or fan 1)
RF power approx. 80 W to approx. 800 W: pump only 1)
RF power approx. 800 W to 50 kW: pump and fan 1)
Interlock connection:
two-pole connector with screw locking according to IEC 60130-9, Co. Binder, series 581/680/682, TYP 09-0303-00-02
Interlock voltage:
≥ 42.4 V ACpk
≥ 60 V DC
Interlock voltage remark:
SELV circuits according to IEC EN 60950-1
Interlock current, max.:
1 A

Mechanical characteristics

Operating modes:
Standby and RF power approx. 80 W: natural cooling without pump or fan 1)
RF power approx. 80 W to approx. 800 W: pump only 1)
RF power approx. 800 W to 50 kW: pump and fan 1)
Cooling type:
Heat exchanger type:
50 kW special SPINNER single ventilator type
Cooling water pressure, max.:
1.1·10⁵ Pa (1.1 bar, ranging from 0.75 to 1.1 bar)
Coolant density:
1.08 kg/dm³ (at +20 °C)
Chemical composition:
mixture of distilled water, 50 Vol. % ethylene glycol and corrosion inhibitor
STAUBCO® Cool N -40 °C
Degree of protection:
IP 20
Degree of protection remark:
outdoor heat exchanger:
IP 55 (suitable for salt water environments)
Weight, approx.:
290.0 kg

Environmental conditions

Operational environment:
operating sites with limited access
Operating temperature:
-10 to +45 °C (Indoor load unit)
-30 to +45 ° C (Outdoor heat exchanger) 2)
Relative humidity, max.:
95% (condensation not allowed)
Operating altitude, max.:
2286 m
Transport temperature range:
-20 to +70 °C
Transport relative humidity, max.:
95% (condensation not allowed)
Storage ambient temperature:
-20 to +70 °C
Storage relative humidity, max.:
95% (condensation not allowed)

Scope of delivery & accessories

Delivery scope:
dummy load indoor unit, outdoor heat exchanger with 10 m hard-wired cable, power cord with IEC 60320-1 C19 socket (pigtail), interlock cable connector, product manual, material safety data sheet of the coolant, 20 m hose to connect indoor unit to outdoor heat exchanger, 2 pcs automatic vents, 50 litres coolant, 1 set of clamps, etc. to connect hoses
Mounting accessoires:
wall hanger support set: BN A76789C0001

Further remarks

Coaxial load with intelligent control:
• standby function
• pump and fan activated only when needed
• super fast self protection
• interlock signal
• single phase power supply
• rear and side walls can be covered
• outdoor heat exchanger
Depending on the ambient temperature and the RF power applied, the pump and/or fan can switch on at any time and switch off again according to the required cooling capacity.
from -30 to -20°C a slow power ramp-up is required (pre warming of coolant with 5 to 7 kW for approx. 10 minutes)
Cooling accessories:
filling pump set 230 V AC, 50 Hz: BN 155890C0000
filling pump set 115 V AC, 60 Hz: BN 155890C0001
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Product data sheet – 546430 – 546430-DS.pdf


Safety data sheet – 546430 – deutsch, veraltet – SPINNER_Kuehlsole.pdf


Safety data sheet – 546430 – deutsch – SPINNER_STAUBCO_Cool_N_DE.pdf


Safety data sheet – 546430 – englisch – SPINNER_STAUBCO_Cool_N_GB.pdf


Safety data sheet – 546430 – deutsch, veraltet – SPINNER_STAUBCO_Heat_N_DE.pdf


Safety data sheet – 546430 – english, outdated – SPINNER_STAUBCO_Heat_N_GB.pdf


Safety data sheet – 546430 – english, outdated – SPINNER_cooling_brine.pdf


Software – 546430 – Software-Download-SmartLoad_D13352_Rev.F.zip


Product manual – 546430 – M36445.pdf