Trimming tool SF 3/8"-50 CAF®


Trimming tools for short assembly times and consistently high quality

SPINNER trimming tools guarantee constant assembly quality.

Using the SPINNER Trimming tool SF 3/8"-50 CAF® guarantees constant assembly quality while saving assembly time at the same time. When assembling a connector, the coaxial cable can be stripped, expanded and deburred with just one trimming tool. This saves over 60% of the assembly time compared to assembly with conventional tools. In addition, using our SPINNER Trimming tool SF 3/8"-50 CAF® ensures consistently high quality. You can also find the right replacement blades for your trimming tool from us.

Our SPINNER trimming tool can be used with the compatible cable types SF 3/8". The suitable cable types are: RFS: SCF 38-50.

The blades are made of hardened steel, the crank is made of aluminum alloy, its handle is synthetic and the screw unit is made of copper alloy, steel.

By using SPINNER trimming tools, a considerable reduction in assembly costs and consistent assembly quality is achieved. The scope of delivery includes: spare blades, installation instructions.

The suitable clamping device or collet is steel age hardened (blades) stainless steel (springs and pins) polycarbonate with 20% GF (upper and lower part).

RF characteristics


Mechanical characteristics

Suitable cable:
SF 3/8
Cable manufacturer types:
RFS: SCF 38-50
steel age hardened (blades), polycarbonate with 20% GF (upper and lower part), stainless steel (springs and pins)
Surface Coating:
no finish (springs and pins), no finish (blades)
red (similar RAL 3000)
Weight, approx.:
200.0 g

Scope of delivery & accessories

Delivery scope:
spare blades, installation instructions

Further remarks

Customs tariff number:



Product data sheet – 541335 – 541335-DS.pdf


Product manual – 541335 – M32023.pdf